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June 15, 2022

Wag CEO Garrett Smallwood & CHW Acquisition Corp’s Jonah Raskas

This week, we speak with Garrett Smallwood, CEO of Wag. Wag entered into an $350 million dollar combination agreement with CHW Acquisition Corporation (Nasdaq: CHWA) in February. It has created a marketplace for connecting pet owners to dog-walkers and other pet services near them that works like Uber, except for our furry friends.

We talk about Wag’s strategy for stacking predictable revenue streams and how the company aims to translate the short-term challenges of the pandemic into a long-term boon.

CHW Co-CEO Jonah Raskas also joins to discuss how Wag stands out among the growing cohort of listed pet service companies and which important aspects of its business model investors should keep an eye on.

June 7, 2022

Rubicon Founder & CEO Nate Morris

This week we are speaking with Nate Morris, Founder and CEO of Rubicon, the "Uber" of trash collection. Rubicon entered into an $1.7 billion deal with Founder SPAC in December.

Rubicon is bringing digitization to a sector that has long resisted change in waste management. We discuss how visibility is key in the new ESG landscape. Nate also walks through how garbage could be the next big tech play and how the digital garbage man can reap dividends as the holder of new commodities.

May 19, 2022

Blackstone Products Founder & CEO Roger Dahle

This week we will be speaking with Roger Dahle, Founder and CEO of Blackstone Products, which signed a $900 million combination agreement with Ackrell SPAC Partners I in December. 

Blackstone has channeled the power of TikTok to popularize its line of outdoor griddles and found ways to capture efficiencies by vertically integrating its supply chain in China. We talk about the future of backyard products in a post-pandemic world, and how Blackstone initially embarked on a private equity path that became a SPAC path.

May 6, 2022

Mondee CEO Prasad Gundumogula and ITHAX CEO Orestes Fintiklis

This week we speak with Prasad Gundumogula, CEO of Mondee

Mondee entered into an $842 million combination agreement with ITHAX Acquisition Corporation in December 2021. It sells excess inventory in the travel and hospitality industries to closed groups within its network, while also managing a meaningful swath of travel-related marketing space.

Mondee has also used the lull of the pandemic to blaze a path into higher-margin verticals, like fintech and insurtech, through M&A.

ITHAX CEO Orestes Fintiklis also joins to talk about the various value propositions at play for retail investors at this stage of the travel industry’s recovery and how Mondee plans to be a buyer, not a seller with the deal’s proceeds.

April 20, 2022

D-Wave CEO Alan Baratz and DPCM Capital Chairman & CEO Emil Michael

This week, we will be speaking with Alan Baratz, CEO of D-Wave, and DPCM Capital Chairman and CEO Emil Michael.

D-Wave has developed quantum computing machines that are already powering cloud-based applications to solve business problems today. We talk about the new directions those applications could go and how this technology will scale in the near term.

DPCM Capital Chairman and CEO Emil Michael also talks about how his background as an executive at Uber and Klout drew him to D-Wave, and the possibilities he sees for the partnership moving forward.

D-Wave and DPCM Capital entered into an $1.3 billion dollar combination agreement in February 2022.

April 13, 2022

Brivo CEO Steve Van Till & Crown PropTech Acquisitions CEO Rick Chera

This week, we speak with Steve Van Till, CEO of Brivo, and Crown PropTech Acquisitions CEO Ricky Chera.

Brivo entered into an $808 million combination agreement with Crown PropTech Acquisitions (NYSE:CPTK) in November.

It is a technology firm providing cloud-connected hardware allowing clients to remotely manage their properties. Customers also gain access to data and business intelligence insights from the aggregate activity across Brivo’s network.

We discuss how the pandemic changed the proptech business in lasting ways and what new tech layers Brivo plans to add to its growing portfolio.

March 30, 2022

Bonus Episode: Mach Millet and Andrew Pendergast Discuss SPAC Litigation and D&O Insurance

This week, we speak with two leaders in the field of D&O insurance - Mach Millet, who is Managing Director and Marsh’s SPAC Practice Leader, as well as Andrew Pendergast, SPAC Practice Leader at NFP.

We discuss SPAC litigation and how the rolling waves of the SPAC market have impacted D&O insurance rates and what teams should be considering moving from this cycle to the next.

Mach and Andrew also share their views on the Multiplan suit in the Delaware courts and how it may shape rates in the future.


March 23, 2022

ZeroFox CEO James C. Foster and L&F Acquisition Corp. CEO Adam Gerchen

This week, we speak with James C. Foster, CEO of cybersecurity firm, ZeroFox.

ZeroFox entered into a $1.3 billion dollar combination agreement with L&F Acquisition Corporation in December.

We discuss how the Russia-Ukraine war has ushered in a new era for cybersecurity and what types of companies face the biggest threats in this new environment.

L&F CEO Adam Gerchen also joins us to discuss the investment side of the cybersecurity sector as well as what attracted it to ZeroFox over the long term.

March 16, 2022

Waldencast Acquisition Corp. CEO Michael Brousset

This week, we speak with with Michel Brousset, CEO of Waldencast Acquisition Corp.

Waldencast announced a $1.2 billion three-way combination with skincare and cosmetics brands Obagi and Milk Makeup in November.

Michel has taken a different approach to SPACs, using Waldencast as a vehicle to create a platform company.

Waldencast’s management will continue to operate the combined company over a longer term while tucking in additional acquisitions to its portfolio.

We discuss the potential advantages to that strategy within the cosmetics space as well as how its first two targets, which are very different from one another, fit together in this model.

March 9, 2022

FiscalNote Founder & CEO Tim Hwang

This week, we speak with Tim Hwang, Founder and CEO of FiscalNote.

FiscalNote entered into a $1.2 billion dollar combination agreement with Duddell Street Acquisition Corp. (Nasdaq: DSAC) in November 2021. 

FiscalNote provides data products that track a broad range of legislation and regulatory actions at the federal, state and local level. These are used by companies and government institutions themselves to try and keep a handle on the constant swings and incremental changes in regulation in the US and abroad.

We discuss how FiscalNote landed on Duddell Street as its preferred partner in a triple-track process, and how it plans to use its status as a public company to further its M&A pipeline and other initiatives.